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8 Truths Life Has Taught Me

There have been many times in my life where I have compared myself to others. Why does everything come so easy to them? Why do I have to struggle so hard and never even come close to their success?

"Stop comparing your behind the scenes with someone else's highlight reel."

8 Truths Life Has Taught Me About Comparing Myself To Others.

  1. The war is inside of our minds. Most people aren't judging us. Often, they aren't even paying any attention to us. These internal voices are the devil trying to shortcut your journey and steal your joy. Stop letting those voices rule your life.

  2. Shift your focus and put on the mental blinders. Stop looking at others; stop comparing yourself to them. Put the focus back on what you have to give the world.

  3. Lean into what we view as our lack, flaws, or struggles. Embrace them. Your breakthrough is just on the other side of that wall of fear and feeling of lack.

  4. People are more inspired by my struggles, challenges, and flaws than my achievements. They will be inspired by yours too! Those things that we see as flaws often others see them as our strengths.

  5. Lead with gratitude.

  6. Harness your strengths, let your light shine, now go out into the world and lead.

  7. God doesn't make mistakes. You are exactly who you are and who you were meant to be for a reason. Embrace it!

  8. When we show up, God shows out through us. Now straighten your crown, go out and be you. Walk like a boss!

Takeaway: Don't compare yourself to others. You are beautifully and perfectly designed.


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